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Are you sick of wishing that you had chosen a darker colour of carpet or feeling restricted from sitting on the carpet or not baring to look down at the mess of the once new, soft and unblemished carpet?

Then it’s more than likely that your carpet is due for a clean.

With or without visible dirt, stains and dust your carpet are hoarding thousands of bacteria, dust mites, mould, bugs and even traces of harmful chemicals that are hidden to the naked eye.

And sadly, a quick vacuum will only remove a small percentage of the hidden monopoly of baddies.

It is advised for small dwellings and homes with limited occupants and no pets to get their carpet professionally cleaned twice a year. This obviously doesn’t take into consideration those of you who have kids or are messier than the average Joe or Jane.

For homes or businesses with heavy foot traffic and pets, you may be endangering your family, roommates or employees from hidden allergens if you aren’t already undertaking regular professional carpet cleaning (at least every 6  month).

Enough of the hidden bugs and nasties, here is where we can help.

No matter how big or small your home or business is, at Express Cleaning team we specialise in getting your carpet back to new. We can quickly remove those stubborn stains, removing the dust (the hypoallergenic will love you for it!) and killing any and all bacteria and critters, keeping your home or office safe once again for you, your family, employees, and pets!

With our high pressure industrial water-based steam cleaner which blasts hot water into your carpet and rugs and with the suction stage so does the stains, dirt, dust, and bacteria which once resided above and underneath your carpet or rug.

No matter which room (big or small), what colour or how worn our expert team at Express Cleaning will make sure your carpet is as good as new leaving your home or office with that soft walking on a cloud feeling with or without shoes!

Call us now on 02 8866 2887  to organise an appointment and make us your first choice in Carpet Cleaning in Sydney!

Are you looking for a reliable cleaner to refresh and renew much more than just the carpet in your home or business?

Look no further than Express Cleaning Team, we also offer:

  • Regular Cleaning Services
  • Specialty Upholstery Cleaning
  • Much more!


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